Shims & Gaskets

Metal shims and gaskets are widely used in electronic equipment, mold manufacturing, precision machines, petrochemical industry, chemistry industry, power Industry and other industries.

With photo etching, Hysonetch focus on making precision shims and gaskets, flat or formed with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, carbon steel and so on.

Why choose photo etching to make your shims?

1. Shim thickness can be controlled to tolerances measured in microns.

2. Well controlled flatness.

3. Accurate aperture/size.

4. Flexible on design.

5. Custom complex shapes available.

6. Stress, burrs free and no sharp edge.

7. Low cost and fast sampling.

8. Surface finish available.

Product reference:

shims-gaskets-02 shims-gaskets-03 shims-gaskets-04 shims-gaskets-05


Why partner with Hysonetch:

1. 10 years focus on precision metal components with photo etching.

2. Professional engineer team and experienced workers.

3. Advanced production line and machines.

4. Dust-free packing room.

5. Trained QC team.

6. 100% fully check before shipment.

7. Free manufacturing consultant.

Not sure if your parts can be photo etched? Please feel free to contact us now, Free Quote can be sent within 24 hours.




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