Optical Encoder Disk and Strips

Encoder disks and linear code strips are essential components in many motion control and positioning applications. Hysonetch photo etching manufactures high slot count and great precision encoder pulse plate with stress and burr free.

Product reference:

optical-encoder-disk-and-strips-02 optical-encoder-disk-and-strips-03 optical-encoder-disk-and-strips-04 optical-encoder-disk-and-strips-05


Advantages of photo etched metal encoder discs:

1. Low MOQ and cost efficient than glass encoder discs.

2. Very short lead time, normally 3 days for sampling, 7 days for mass production by photo etching.

3. Photo etched encoder disc features very high resolution.

4. Both rotary and linear can be photo etched.

5. Thickness can be 0.02mm to 1.0mm.

6. Stress-free and burr-free.

7. Any design can be accommodated without cost penalty.

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