Blade for Electric Shaver

Photo etching is also widely used to make a precision blade with good quality, such as drum clean blade, razor blade, hair clipper blade, etc... the high accuracy on the drum clean blade help guarantee good print while the high precision razor blade and hair clipper blade are very sharp to cut beard and hair.

Why photo etching?

1. Micro, precision and high accuracy.

2. Tight tolerance.

3. Flexible on design.

4. Low cost for sampling and tooling.

5. Stress and burr-free.

6. Fast lead time.

Design guide:

1. Material: stainless steel.

2. Thickness: 0.02-1.0mm.

3. Size: according to customer design (1 × 1mm-600 × 700mm available).

4. Tolerance: +/-0.05 or according to customers.


If you are not sure how to design, please feel free to contact us, our engineer team can offer free consultant for you.


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