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The development of metal crafts

Britain is the earliest industrial city, has always been that the industry-led the development of the city as a whole, is also the lifeblood of each city, our country is not an industrial power, but also continue to develop in this area, such as the Great Cultural Revolution period Iron and steel, and now the major cities of the industrial undertakings are constantly developing, but the industrial business is not just to produce steel and the like, metal crafts are constantly being produced.

We usually the longest use of metal crafts is jewelry, like earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, whether gold or silver, or alloy materials, all belong to the metal range, but since ancient times, silver more, one is Because it is relatively cheap price, and second, can be anti-virus, we generally with silver bracelets will be on the left hand, left hand closer to the heart, some of the small molecules of air toxins can be absorbed by silver bracelets. There are people who use silver chopsticks and silver bowls, which is also an anti-virus performance, more common in ancient times, modern people will buy silver-plated cups of water, absorb some of the toxins in the water.

Probably in the 70 ~ 80 years, when the aluminum alloy, titanium and platinum and some other metal crafts, their appearance is mainly because of strong antioxidant capacity, is not easy to be corroded, causing rust, fade a series of problems. In the past in ancient times as long as the princes will phase or royal family can enjoy the nobility, ordinary civilians are used in some low-level appliances, pottery and the like instead. But now, basically has been popular, each household can use it, there is no grade differentiation.


The development of Chinese crafts

China's tin is the most popular, and most popular, mainly because the tin has a lot of unique advantages, such as tin harmless For the human body, we want from the snack of tin foil packaging sugar and chocolate and other food, and You can also use it to packaging the need to seal the items, such as tea, etc., can ensure that it is not subject to moisture interference. Tin metal color than other metals to look better, and the extension of good performance, with its production of crafts everywhere, like stationery, candlestick, jug, tea, etc., there is some animal sculpture, they are vivid, The appearance of the image, gloss will not slowly because of time and subside, can be longer than other metal crafts to maintain a long time, of course, there are many features that other metals can not reach.

The traditional metal handicrafts is a combination of art and technology cleverly combined with a kind of beauty, different metals through different processing methods, program skills to integrate, get a different visual and visual representation of the United States, is the material beauty, technology Beauty, the perfect combination of artistic beauty. Different metal materials have different texture and luster, combined with each other, constitute a distinctive contrast and colorful colors, the production process, the combination of different kinds of production techniques, as well as the creator of the unique creative to join, you can get more Novel product. Each handicraft is unique because of the differences in the emotions of the producers and reflects the different understandings of the same subject, from which the cultural background and aesthetic taste of the producers can be seen.

Metal crafts have a long history, in the Shang Dynasty period has been a relative shape of the metal crafts - gold handicrafts. During the Warring States period, craftsmen will be a variety of metal materials or metal materials and non-metallic materials to combine to create more exquisite handicrafts. To the Han Dynasty, craftsmen have been able to produce exquisite gold and silver silk knot, heap, mosaic of handicrafts, in the technical level is a huge leap. Tang Dynasty is the heyday of metal crafts, especially silver crafts are very popular, such as set off the relief effect of gold and silver chisel technology. In the next few hundred years, about a thousand years of time, the progress of smelting technology, the development of technology means, the increase in metal materials, metal crafts in the continuous improvement of progress, will be a combination of different processes, People love.

Although the ancient Chinese technology level is not developed, still left a lot of exquisite metal crafts, such as the Shang Dynasty bronze, the Warring States period gold and silver, Tang Dynasty bronze mirror and jewelry, the Ming Dynasty Xuande furnace, the Qing Dynasty Period of cloisonne, which are treasures of traditional Chinese culture, worthy of our own heart guardian.

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